A born- and-raised Albanian girl with nothing more than a burning
desire to create and live my dream life, my way.

I’m proud to have been crazy enough to dare to Dream Big.

March 05, 2003 is a day I will never forget. It is the day I registered my business and signed the contract that would set my entrepreneur journey in motion; despite the hesitation of peoples beliefs about my ability to succeed as a young female who lives in a masculine dominated culture.

I am grateful that I didn’t listen to my mom, who was more concerned with the HOW  I will make it happen. I didn’t stop there.

I went to study in Italy, moved to Germany where I started my family, and now I live in Manhattan, New York where I help people to achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives through my online and offline programs.

I have successfully blended two industries; fashion & personal development, making me one of the most sought after style coaches today.

Collaborating as a stylist with international brands such as the Greek powerhouse, BSB and as a certified coach working under both Tony Robins & Bob Proctor, I am currently writing my book ‘Achieve Your Dream in High Heels’.

After studying International Relationships in the University of Perugia, Italy & Psychology in the University of Tirana, Albania I refocused my degree to explore the intrinsic nature between what you wear and the effects it has on how you feel. Perfecting my craft and undertaking courses all over the Europe, at the London College of Style, the Italian E-learning fashion school, the Milan Fashion Campus and finally under the mentorship of Celebrity Stylist Kelly Lundberg, I have worked over the years to use fashion to change women’s’ lifestyles and overall lives.

As a certified coach from Robbins – Madannes Training and Proctor-Gallagher certified consultant, I have been assisting people to take control of their lives, happiness, and confidence by helping them achieve extraordinary results in life and business making them look amazing and feel on top of the world. Together we’ve worked through taking risks, daring greatly, and living life to the fullest.

…Oh, by the way Mom…I’m living my dream life and helping others do the same.